The Educación Abierta Association has spread a recent conference of STEAM SCHOOL IN-A-BOX about its project SCHOOL TECHNOLOGICAL CURRICULUM. This proposes a model where Robotics and Programming is no longer perceived as a minor subject and acquires the importance that 21st century education requires.

The SCHOOL TECHNOLOGICAL CURRICULUM project wants to make Robotics and Programming into a fist-class subject

“Data, beyond Educación”

Schools want to compente in Robotics and Programming. However, they treat Robotics as a second-class subject, with a much lower requirement than other “first-class” subjects like Mathematics, Language or Foreign languages. One of the reasons is the lack of measurement of the skills acquired by children. Without measurement a school can “play with robots” instead of teaching Programming, or break the official curriculum and nothing happens. The other reason is that teachers usually do not know how to program and schools often do not help them, perhaps a workshop, some manuals and robots. Few teachers feel safe. There is a need to provide them with a different kind of help.