Escuela Politécnica Superior de la Universidad CEU San Pablo
CISCO Networking Academy


STEAM SCHOOL IN-A-BOX has the collaboration of the Advanced Polytechnic School (EPS) of the CEU San Pablo University and the telecommunications multinational Cisco, through its popular official training program Cisco Networking Academy.


With STEAM SCHOOL IN-A-BOX you will have free access to resources from the Cisco Networking Academy, the official training program for the development of ICT skills and professional training of the telecommunications giant Cisco. Since 1997, more than 6 million students have taken a course in the program.

As part of our agreement with Cisco, teachers and students will have access to Cisco‘s innovative network simulation and visualization learning tools. No need to purchase expensive materials, unattainable for a school or institute, with the simulator can recreate in their classrooms from simple networking projects to complex projects of Internet of Things.

And in addition, students and professors will be able to obtain official Cisco degrees.


The Advanced Politechnic School (EPS) of the CEU San Pablo University is a School of technical education with a global and international projection, at the same time that it is close and focused on an integral formation of the students: technical, professional and humanistic.

Offers programs in architecture and engineering as the innovative Biomedical Engineering or the double degree in Telecommunication Systems Engineering + Information Systems Engineering.

It has a wide variety of educational modalities: Degrees, simultaneous Degrees, International Degrees, Degrees adapted to architects, Own Degrees, Master Programs and Doctoral Programs.

As part of its program of academic excellence, it organizes activities such as master classes with visiting professors and architects with national and international recognition (Rafael Moneo, John Barton, Professor of Law at Stanford University o Charles Waldheim, at Harvard University), collaborations with leading centers such as the  MIT (Massachussetts Institute of Technology), visits and study trips to countries around the world, competitions and other activities that complement the training of future architects and engineers.

The technical training is complemented with other fundamental aspects for students such as entrepreneurship, languages, external academic practices, workshops for training in job search and new tools, networking, and social networks, professional advice from each work environment and the rest of cultural, sports, pastoral and volunteer activities.

Proof of its focus on excellence are the awards that EPS students have received from organizations, entities and companies.