In the framework of SIMO EDUCACIÓN 2017, El País interviews, among other experts, our CEO Antolín García and Lorenzo Illanes, who works as a teacher in the Arenales School in Madrid, to analyse the educational paradigm shift based on the dichotomy between Science and Arts in schools.

The tendency is that, in the near future, such distinction will disappear and both the humanistic and technical sides will be developed. Movements such as Maker and STEAM will be helpful for this change. This is the case of the Arenales School, in which our STEAM SCHOOL IN-A-BOX method has been implemented in all the courses of Secondary School.

STEAM SCHOOL IN-A-BOX was essential for this analysis that highlights the importance of the schools and teachers to be involved in a technological learning process that will be the main support for the future of children and teenagers.

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